Next Introductory Course

Starts on 28/29 September. This is an introduction the IoPT Theory and Practice, facilitated by Lucy Jameson. For further information go the Introductory Courses page.

There are Open Workshops at the Centre throughout the year.

These are open to anyone wishing to explore their issues. You can find out more at the Open Workshop Page

Financial concessions are available for those in need.

The Centre for Healthy Autonomy is the London home for the therapeutic research and education work of Identity-oriented Psychotrauma Therapy (IoPT). This is the trauma work developed by Professor Franz Ruppert of the Munich University of Applied Sciences, Munich, Germany. To find out more about the Centre click here.


The Centre provides office and event space for Healthy Autonomy Research, Education & Development Ltd (a not-for-profit organisation), whose goal is the understanding and dissemination of information about psychological trauma for the benefit of all. 


Our work is based on an understanding of what trauma actually is, the internal dynamics involved and the real possibilities of healing. The theoretical framework, while standing on much thinking that has gone before, is quite new and groundbreaking, and calls into question many basic assumptions of psychotherapy as it is widely practised. To find out more about the theory click here

The Centre...

This is a photo of our Centre... you can see photos on this website. It is possible to rent the Centre.

Since our focus at the Centre is psychological and emotional trauma, we are keen that the Centre provides a comfortable and welcoming environment, where participants at our events can feel at ease. We have a gallery of photographs to show the ambience of our Centre.


This year (2019) we are running two Introductory Courses, one to start in February and one in September. The courses will cover the basic theory of IoPT, and provide a forum for personal exploration. We also have a year-long Education Course that does include provision for those interested in learning to be a facilitator of The Intention Method based on IoPT theory. The next course starts in January 2020.


In addition we are developing a programme of workshops and regular ongoing groups, and open days.


The more we explore trauma within the IoPT framework, the more we understand that all of our fundamental and primary life concerns are profoundly affected by the traumatic experiences of our early life.


These primary life concerns include our ordinary daily activities, our eating habits, our relationships, our physical fitness or ailments, our working capacity, our sexuality and gender concerns, our sense of trust, safety and wellbeing... and all of these follow through into our family, our children, our work, our society, our culture, our politics, and all other engagement with our world. New research is now finding that early psychological traumas have a long term effect on all of these things... most importantly our ability to have a happy and healthy life, and feel able to contribute in a good way towards our current family and our society.

Research, education & development

HARED, Healthy Autonomy Research, Education & Development, is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to disseminate through teaching, learning, open events etc a better understanding of the impact of and healing of psychological, emotional and physical trauma .


The work of developing good theories of trauma, attachment, and relationships continues.  No one fully understands everything about trauma yet, but our underlying distress as a result of trauma is lived out in our society every day. The current formal diagnostic category of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is extremely limited, and in our view quite inadequate to cover the far-reaching effects of traumatisation, particularly very early, even pre-birth, trauma. So we view our work as an ongoing research project.


In addition we are clear that currently we as a society are seriously under-informed and under-educated about the issue of traumatisation. In our view trauma is not a topic just for professionals. Everyone would understand themselves better if they were educated on the topic of psychological trauma. To this end Vivian published a simple book, Becoming Your True Self: a Handbook for the Journey from Trauma to Healthy Autonomy, which is currently in its third revision and update, and is available through all good online bookshops.


Our overall interest is in the development of a truly trauma-aware society, where practitioners in the professions of law, social services, medicine, politics, economics, management, human resources etc, understand how individual trauma influences the everyday behaviour of CEOs and employees alike, of the wealthy and those in poverty, indeed everyone on the planet. To understand the societal impacts of trauma see the video above, entitled Who am I in a Traumatised Society?

After a very successful, and celebratory, event at the Centre... the first seminar with Franz Ruppert. We all felt very satisfied.


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Vivian Broughton's book, Becoming Your True Self: a handbook for the journey from trauma to healthy autonomy. Now also available on video... go to Vivian's website.

Who am I in a Traumatised and Traumatising Society?

The long-awaited book by Professor Ruppert on this topic is due for publication in English in June of this year.