Identity-oriented Psychotrauma Therapy UK

IoPT is a safe and effective method of accessing unconscious early trauma.  Early relational trauma, left unresolved can negatively impact our ability to live productive and fulfilling lives. This predominantly preverbal trauma cannot easily be expressed in words and therefore the method utilises limbic resonance and somatic expression to bring deeply buried trauma experiences to light.  Since trauma is characterised by helplessness and powerlessness, the client is always afforded autonomy and authority in their therapeutic process.  The facilitator provides a space in which the client can explore their intra-psychic pain and confusion, to achieve increasing clarity and self-awareness, in a step by step process.

What we offer

IoPT practitioners

Here you can find a selection of competent IoPT practitioners, all working with the Intention Method.  With a choice between group or individual sessions, in person or online, you are able to work with different practitioners according to availability and specific areas of interest. 

upcoming events

We will post details of group workshops, lectures, live events with Franz Ruppert, films and articles related to Early Trauma.

Educational ITEMS

Video interviews and lectures on Franz Ruppert's Trauma Theory provide practical explanations of the many lifelong effects of bonding and attachment trauma on individuals and society.