About the Centre

The Centre provides the UK community of IoPT practitioners with a physical home. It is available  to hire for teaching, workshops, study groups, private sessions, celebrations, community get-togethers and meetings by IoPT practitioners, and others in the field of human potential, learning and healing. 


Having a physical Centre is a big step, and states very clearly "we are here... we know that what we are doing is useful and important, and we take it seriously enough to invest in premises".


The work that we do, IoPT, is in continual development, and one of our long-term aims is to support continuing professional development, general education on the topic of trauma, research into new thinking about trauma and development of 'healthy autonomy' as a collective social and global goal. 

The area

The Centre is located in a new development at Brentford Lock West. The development is right on the River Brent which is a tributary of the Thames, the major river of London. In fact where we are is just north of where the River Brent joins the Thames.


Brentford is in West London, close to Heathrow airport... but far enough away for quietness! It is developing into an interesting residential and commercial district.


There are several hotels in the area, shops, cafes and restaurants, and easy access to Boston Manor Park, and the beautiful Syon Park and Syon House, which has been in the  ownership of  the Duke of Northumberland's family for over 400 years. Syon Park is about 5 minutes walk from The Centre and is open throughout the year.

Hiring the Centre

To enquire about hiring The Centre contact Vivian on info@vivianbroughton.com or go to the Venue Hire page.