2021 Education Course

The 2021 Education Course is open to anyone who has completed an Introductory Course, OR has done a previous year of this Course or equivalent, and has a reasonable basic understanding of the theory and practice of IoPT.


Those who have little knowledge and experience of the work are advised to consider attending open workshops any of the people listed on the personnel page and the next Introductory CourseIf you are uncertain of your eligibility please check with Vivian.


As a one-year course this is suitable for personal and professional development purposes, and, for those interested, provides a path towards practice as a professional. 


Each year is made up of eight 3-day modules, a total of 24 days, and offers a mixed learning environment of new students and continuing students. The theory and therapeutic method are complex and this learning format allows students to tailor their own pace, continually deepening their understanding through collaboration with those more experienced.


The educator for this course is Vivian Broughton, who aligns herself fully with Franz Ruppert's work, and continues to study with him regularly. For more information about Vivian click here.


Applications will be possible from 1 June 2020.

Module Dates


Module One - 15/16/17 January 2021

Module Two - 26/27/28 February 2021

Module Three - 16/17/18 April 2021

Module Four - 28/29/30 May 2021

Module Five - 16/17/18 July 2021

Module Six - 3/ 4/5 September 2021

Module Seven - 15/16/17 October 2021

Module Eight - 3/ 4/5 December 2021



  • Basic IoPT Theory 1 – Understanding the Psyche
  • Trauma and Identity
  • The Traumabiography
  • Trauma of Identity & Identification
  • Trauma of Love & delusions of love
  • Trauma of Sexuality
  • The Method – The Sentence of Intention
  •  Early Existential Trauma, issues of conception, pregnancy and birth & early operations/interventions
  • The Split Self – Living our Traumabiography
  • Perpetrator-victim dynamics
  • Living in a Traumatised Society

Module topics:

We learn best by experience, so while the topics allocated to each module are given below... we will be covering all topics continually throughout the course.


M. 1: Basic IoPT Theory I - the psyche and identity

M. 2: Basic IoPY Theory II - trauma and survival

M. 3: The trauma of Identity 

M. 4:  The trauma of Love & the Trauma of Sexuality

M. 5: The Traumabiography

M. 6: The Method

M. 7:  Perpetrator-Victim dynamics

M. 8: Putting it all together


The course will primarily involve personal explorations using the Intention Method, in addition to discussion and presentations.

Student Support Group

The day before each training module is a Ongoing Support Group day. This is open to past and present students and practitioners to do personal work with Vivian. The day runs from 9.30-6.00. The cost is £20 to attend (covers Centre costs and refreshments), and for those who do a personal exploration the cost is £100, which includes the £20 attendance cost (ie £80 for the personal work). See Regular Groups.


In addition current students are welcome to attend any open workshops with me as a further learning opportunity. See the Workshops page for more information.

Please note that it is not possible to make up any missed days or modules in subsequent years.

 If you need further information on administration please contact Vivian.

About the Course

  • This course is open to anyone who has completed a previous year of the course, OR has attended the Introductory Course, OR has some equivalent experience of the work. ie workshops.
  • The course offers an opportunity to be part of a closed group that focuses primarily on personal exploration.
  • The course provides an exploration of the theory of IoPT and therapeutic the Intention Method as developed by Professor Franz Ruppert.
  • As a one-year course it is suitable for personal exploration and professional development purposes, and is a first step towards practice as a facilitator.
  • Competence and expertise take time; a person with a professional interest would be likely to devote a minimum of four years to their development, so it is possible to repeat this course. The organisation of the course aims to support students to go at their own pace.
  • The course consists of eight 3-day modules, a total of 24 full days, over the year from January to December 2021.
  • The course comprises a mix of theoretical presentation and discussion, and practical experience. Personal exploration is the central part of the course.


*IMPORTANT: please be aware there is no formal accreditation procedure or authorising body in the UK for this work. At the end of each year you will receive an Attendance Certificate certifying the number of full days attended. This may count towards already qualified psychotherapists' formal CPD requirements, and will be recognised within the informal international community of this work. It is the responsibility of participants to comply with the legal requirements of their own country in terms of the application and practice of this approach.

For more on Costs & Cancellations, Dates for the Course and How to Apply click the relevant link. 

The Collaborative Learning Approach

A collaborative learning environment means that we are all learning and contributing. The richness of Franz's approach is that he models an ongoing openness to increased understanding, experimentation and learning. Every person's exploration using the Intention Method is an experiment for the person, and always has the potential to teach us all more about our own personal situation, and about our professional involvement. 

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