This 2020 Education Course is open to anyone who has completed the Introductory Course, or a previous year of this Course or equivalent, and has a good basic understanding of the theory and practice of IoPT.


If you are uncertain of your eligibility please check with Vivian.


It is not necessary to have a psychotherapy background to undertake this course.


It is the responsibility of each participant to comply with the legalities of their own country in terms of the application of this approach as a practitioner.


Although the course includes opportunities for personal exploration, it is strongly suggested that participants supplement their journey during the course with additional resources, such as being a member of a peer group with other students, attending the Ongoing Support Group days  with Vivian, or groups/workshops with other practitioners, or having private sessions using the Intention Method.


Students are encouraged to raise any support needs they may have while on the course with Vivian. The journey of healing one's trauma is a solitary one, and staying in contact with one's peers who understand the process can be very supportive and helpful.


The Course does not provide any formal qualification.


A detailed Certificate of Attendance will be provided, which may count towards ongoing professional development, and will be recognised by the informal community of those working with Franz Ruppert's theories. For more information on this please read Vivian's blogpost on 'Accreditation and Professionalism".

You can register by completing the Application Form on the Registration page.