IoPT LIVE ONLINE Int'l Conference 2020

What do I want? To live or to survive?

The real happiness to meet myself.

Exiting our trauma biography with the Intention Method


17th & 18th October 2020                    24th & 25th October 2020

The Congress consists of

- Inspiring lectures

- 40 practical workshops i Identity-oriented       Psychotraumatherapy (IoPT) 

- Presentation of empirical research

- Discussions in the plenum

- Meetings in virtual exchange rooms



Day One                                17th October 2020

Times are GMT+2

8am: Registration (live-online music program)

10am: Opening of the Congress

10.15-11.45am: KEYNOTE LECTURE

“To live or to survive” Franz Ruppert 

11:45am-1.00pm: LUNCH BREAK


- Functional object or living subject?

Marta Thorsheim

- What do I want: To suffer or to live?

Annemarie Denk

IoPT and individual sessions

Sophie Ruhlig

Self-encounter with my Immune system

Milagros Carmona

- Saying YES to life or Yes to survival?

Alexandra Smith

- My life as a mother now

Bettina Kronegger

Compassion with my traumatized I

Cordula Schulte

Identity trauma and dementia

Martina Wittmann

My Healthy Self: Intimate and Vulnerable

Maria Green 

I Need to be perfect

Lui Jia Huey

3.00-4.00pm: B R E A K


- Explorative Study of IoPT

Sigrid Stjernwärd

- Study of IoPT and Autoimmune Diseases

Maria Macarenco

5.30pm: Gatherings in special meeting rooms


Day Three                               24th October 2020

Times are GMT+2

8am: REGISTRATION (with live-online music)

10am: Welcoming to the Third Day

10.15-11.45am: LECTURE
Franz Ruppert offering an IoPT-Live-online workshop

11.45am: LUNCH BREAK


Identity, Intention and I

Vivian Broughton

Loving oneself

Dagmar Strauss

We don’t listen, I don’t care

Raymond Foong

Trauma and Vaccinations

Gabriele Hoppe

- My money and I

Rebecca Szeto

IoPT and my helper syndrome

Ruth Kuczka

“I decide myself”

Thomas Röll

I, or still We?

Cristina Common

IoPT and attempts of Abortion

Alexandra Leonova

- Body, psyche and Trauma

Margrit Senn/Ewald Dietrich

3pm: break 1 hour


Joachim Bauer and Franz Ruppert

5:30pm: Gatherings in special meeting rooms



Price:  €390

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Detlev Blechner


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Christine Wong


Day Two                            18th October 2020

Times are GMT+2

8am: Registration (with live-online music)

10am: Welcoming to the 2nd Day

10.15-11.45am:  LIVE INTERVIEW

          Gerald Hüther & Franz Ruppert

11:45am-1pm: LUNCH BREAK

1pm-3pm: 10 Parallel Workshops

- I have to or I am?

 Harald Banzhaf

- I don’t yet understand myself

 Detlev Blechner

- IoPT and Couples

 Marion Nebbe

- I and Corona

 Sissel Bru Reksten

- Yes to my life

 Diana Lucia Vasile

- Sexual violence as trauma surviving strategy

 Andrea Stoffers

- Being a Cuckoo child

 Gila Ring

- I forever guilty and shamed?

 Christine Freund

IoPT in midwifery

 Anne Lily Maier

IoPT and Inheritance

 Bernd LeMar

3-4pm: B R E A K

4-5.30pm: Interview Michaela Huber and Franz Ruppert 

5:30pm: Meetings in special rooms






Day Four                             25th October 2020

Times are GMT+2

8am: REGISTRATION (with live-online music)

10am: Welcoming to the Fourth Day

10.15-11.45am: LIVE INTERVIEW
        Hans-Joachim Maaz and Franz Ruppert

11:45am-1pm: lunch break


Education and Trauma

Birgit Assel

- I and my sexuality

Ellen Kersten

- Three ways from surviving to living

Linn Arneses

Who am I? What do I want?

Elena Pfarr

My body – my home?

Catherine Xavier

Loving or surviving in a couple relationships

Margriet Wentink, Wim Wassink

IoPT and profession

Birgit Kretzschmar

Trauma and money

Christine Wong

IoPT and parenthood

Helmut Glas

- Living or surviving with ADHS?

Mette Mehus

3.00-4.00pm: break

4.00-5.30pm: Discussion of the Congress - panel of speakers

5.30pm: Starting with saying goodbye in special meeting rooms