Open Workshops

These workshops look at a range of everyday issues that are often profoundly influenced by trauma experiences. The workshops will be facilitated by Lucy Jameson, Maria Green or Limor Regev. They are a good 'entry point' for those wishing to find out more about IoPT work and for those wishing to continue their personal exploration.


Concessions are available for these workshops for those in need; please contact the particular facilitator.


There are two categories of participation:


Working place - guarantees to do a personal exploratory process - £195


Participant place - the option to do a personal exploration is not guaranteed, but may be possible if there is time. You will be able to participate in others' work if you want - £115. If you do take up the option to do a process you will be required to pay the £80 difference in price at the workshop.


For more information about these workshops scroll down the page. 

Who am I? 9-10 May 2020 Facilitated by Maria Green

two working days. 10.00-5.30 each day.


  • Available

LOVE, SEX & RELATIONSHIP - 27-28 June 2020. Facilitated by Limor Regev Peretz.

two working days, 10.00-5.30 each day.


  • Available

Healthy Eating... what does it mean? 25/26 July. Facilitated by Lucy Jameson.

two day workshop, 10.00-5.30


  • Available

The Body Remembers: Trauma & Physical Illness. 3-4 October 2020, facilitated by Maria Green & Limor Regev Peretz

two day workshop, 10.00-5.30


  • Available

If you require further information please contact the relevant facilitator:

Maria Green

Limor Regev Peretz

Lucy Jameson


For information about these facilitators click here.

Workshop Information

Venue: The Centre for Healthy Autonomy. You can find details about transport and accommodation on the FIND US page.


Timings: 10.00-5.30 both days. You can arrive on the Saturday any time from 9.30 on.


Refreshments: Coffee and tea provided.


Please note that the Centre workroom is a shoe-free zone. You might want to bring your own soft indoor shoes or socks with you. Also we do not allow drinks in the working circle area when we a doing a process, so you may want to bring a leak-proof water bottle with you.

If you have any difficulty getting there on the first day you can contact the relevant facilitator who will make sure you have their number.


Please be aware of the following:


-  This workshop does not provide you with any qualification to work as a therapist or counsellor.

-  If you are a professional the workshop may count for CPD dependent on your governing body's requirements.

-  Being part of this event may involve emotional experiences. You are responsible for your participation.


If here is anything further you need to know please contact the relevant facilitator (see above for their email contact). 

Workshop Confirmation
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