Practitioner Seminars hosted by Vivian Broughton

The aim of these seminars is to provide a forum in which practitioners of IoPT and the Intention Method can come together and refine our facilitation skills, discuss our work, theory and practice, and learn to self and peer supervise. This work developed by Franz Ruppert is fast gaining in popularity in many countries, and the aim of these seminars is to provide a forum for practitioners to meet the growing need with good skills and collaborative peer contact and support. 

Focus on Individual Work - Practitioner Seminar:

30 November - 4 December 2020

Due to the Coronavirus issue I have postponed this event to the end of November... and there are places available 

This event offers five days working with colleagues who are working with IoPT theory and the Intention Method developed by Professor Franz Ruppert, with a focus on working in the private one-to-one session. During the course we will do live supervised work with each other, discuss theory and thinking and share our ideas about the individual session. Vivian has gained a lot of experience of supervising live work in a helpful, supportive and creative way to enable all of us to learn more and understand how best to practice in the private session.


We will also have at least two volunteers to come in to work with a participant, so that we can spend some time considering our work with people who know very little about the work.


Cost: £470


If you have any questions do contact Vivian, who will host the event at her IoPT Centre in London.

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