During the Coronavirus Outbreak all regular groups will be online groups

Men's Group -  this group will take place as an online group during the Coronavirus pandemic

This is a regular ongoing group for men to do their Intention Method personal exploration work together.

It is facilitated by Vivian Broughton.  Women are welcome to attend to help as representatives, but it is not possible for women to do any of their own exploration at these events.

The days run from 10.00-6.00 at the Centre for Healthy Autonomy on the second Monday of every month EXCEPT AUGUST AND DECEMBER. 


This is not a closed group, and participation is not mandatory, however it is preferable that you come for the whole day if you can. Working places will be decided by ongoing ballot - this means that the ballot system will hold from one group meeting to the next. It is not necessary to book... just turn up.



Cost for everyone is £20 per day. This covers the cost of using the Centre and of refreshments etc.

Working places will be decided by ongoing ballot and the cost of taking up a working place is £80 on top of the attendance fee (ie £100 in total). Concessions are available in some circumstances.


If you would like further information either contact Vivian (info@vivianbroughton.com, 07813 812852) or Simon Lys who is helping with the organisation (simon@simonlys.co.uk, 07939 052291). If you would like to be put on the mailing list for this event please email Vivian.

Working Sessions Days - these are currently online

During the Corona Virus Outbreak the The Online Working Sessions Days every Tuesday take the place of these days. Go to Vivian's website.


se days occur during the fourth week of every month on the Wednesday and Thursday EXCEPT AUGUST AND DECEMBER. They are intended to take the place of the private one-to-one sessions that Vivian has been doing for many years. 


They are open to anyone wishing to do personal Intention Method work with Vivian within a small group setting. You can find further details on the Working Sessions page.


People who are new to IoPT work and/or Vivian may do a maximum of two private sessions with Vivian before attending these Working Sessions Days. If you wish to do so please contact Vivian direct to make an appointment.

Students' Support Work Group - these days are currently replaced by the Online Working Sessions days, see above.

This group will take place throughout the year on the Thursday before the Education Course modules. This is so that current students can arrive a day early and attend if they wish. To find the dates consult the Centre Diary.


This is an open ongoing group for anyone who is a current or past student of the London Advanced Course or who has done a minimum of one year with Franz on his education courses. It is meant to provide an opportunity for those who have some degree of experience to support each other and do personal explorations with the Intention Method with Vivian. This is not a closed group and attendance is not compulsory.


The day will run from 9.30-5.30. 



Attendance will be £20 to cover Centre costs and refreshments.

Those choosing to take up a working place will pay £80 on top of their £20 attendance fee (£100 in total).

Working places will be decided by ongoing ballot - this means that the ballot system will hold over from one group meeting to the next.