The intention method

The Intention method grew out of the work of Family Constellations, the original work of Bert Hellinger of Germany. However in its present form it is quite different from the version used in Family Constellations.


The first stage is for the person to develop their 'sentence of intention'. This can take the form of a sentence, a question, a statement or even a drawing, that encapsulates what they want from the exploration. How this is worded and the topic that it covers is entirely up to the client. The facilitator cannot interfere at all in the forming of this sentence.

Once the person's sentence is established she writes it on a flipchart board. This then forms the framework for the exploration.


The person then chooses one word from this sentence and a fellow group member to resonate with this word, sharing his or her experience since they were asked as best they can. When there seems nothing more to be said the person will choose another word, and another person to resonate with this word and so on until either there is some insight and shift in perception in relation to the intention, or until all the words are represented.


In this way each word will provide some information to the person about their intention, and the accumulated information can be very revealing as to the underlying dynamics and issues of the intention.

How does it work?

We know from recent developments in neuroscience that we are far more connected with each other than we think we are. In fact we are highly tuned to unconsciously reading and absorbing  the minute and subtle messages we are constantly giving out. Through the non-verbal parts of our brain, primarily the limbic brain system, we are in constant communication with each other, and in this kind of exploration we purposefully use this to access the unconscious. So the process becomes an exploration of the mind of the person as it relates to the specific issue stated. .