Working Session Days

Next Working Sessions Days 24-25 March.

These working sessions days take place on a Tuesday and Wednesday during the fourth week of every month (except December). They are open to anyone wishing to do personal Intention Method work with Vivian within a small group setting, and take the place of the private sessions that Vivian has been doing up until now. 


People who are new to IoPT work, or new to Vivian, can contact her for an initial private one-to-one session if required. For more information about this and to make an appointment please contact Vivian direct. A maximum of two private sessions for those new to the work and/or to Vivian is possible. After that people will be invited to attend the Working Sessions days.

How The Sessions Days work

These days will be on a Tuesday and Wednesday during the fourth week of every month. The days will run from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm on both days, and Vivian will be available during these times. You can check future dates on the Centre Calendar.


The days offer opportunities for people to do personal explorations using the Intention Method with Vivian within a small group setting, and to be a representative/resonator in other people's work.



It is not necessary to attend both days, nor even to attend a full day, although attendance for at least half a day is helpful, and it is best if you come as early as you can. The later you arrive at the Centre the lower your chance of being guaranteed to be able to do your own process.


Representation in others' work is often useful for your own process and, if others represent for you, it is helpful to make yourself available to represent for them.


You do not need to book or notify Vivian of your proposed attendance. You just can turn up. If, over time, this proves impractical we will review this arrangement.



Attendance charge is £20 to cover Centre costs and refreshments. This applies to all attendees.

If you do a personal process the cost is £80 on top of the Centre costs £20... a total of £100.

Payment can be made in cash, by card or BACs transfer.